The debichem group

We are ...

a small team of package maintainers that share interest in chemical applications and their packaging for Debian and Ubuntu.

We use ... [Archive]
for coordinating our development work and receiving bug reports from the BTS [Archive]
for collecting commit messages from our subversion repository
#debichem on
for real time communication
an IRC bot is sending SVN commit messages to this channel too
SVN repository
for coordinating our work and collecting all (and only) Debian packaging files for the packages we maintain as a team
packages can be built with svn-buildpackage in mergeWithUpstream mode
the wnpp branch contains all Debian packaging files for applications and suites that are considered for inclusion in the distribution (existing ITPs, ...) or that cannot be legally shipped (e.g. molden)
other branches contain the packaging files for the various Debian trees and Ubuntu changes
Git repositories
Packages are in
We follow the same git policy as debian-science; just replace alioth:/git/debian-science/ by alioth:/git/debichem/.

... and more ...
PTS package overview
DEHS package overview

Join us ...

... if you are interested in chemical suites and programs packaged for Debian and Ubuntu. For access to the subversion service, an Alioth account is necessary. But help can be provided in various ways, e.g. by reporting issues or sending patches for reported issues.

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